10 Benefits of a Pilates Workout

10 Benefits of a Pilates Workout

It’s been several decades since Pilates was first introduced and this form of low-impact exercise continues to be one of the most popular systems for strengthening the core muscles and improving flexibility and balance.

A Pilate’s workout is very effective in tightening and lengthening the abdominal muscles.  It focuses on proper form and breathing technique to make the body more flexible, improve the posture, and increase body strength.

Pilate’s workouts can be done on a mat or with the use of different machines such as a Pilate’s reformer.  Many gyms and fitness centers now offer Pilates classes.  Pilate’s workouts are very popular with women.

Benefits of a Pilates Workout

Develops Stronger Core Muscles

A Pilate’s workout starts with the core muscles or the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, and pelvic floor. These muscles support the torso and are essential for good posture.

When the core muscles are strong, the whole body is strong.  Weak core muscles can lead to injury. A Pilate’s workout strengthens the core and offers the added benefit of flat abs that all women and men want to have.

Increases Strength Without Adding Bulk

One of the reasons why women like Pilate’s exercises is that Pilates develops long, lean muscles. Stretching and strengthening occur simultaneously.

This is called eccentric contraction, which develops long, strong muscles instead of the bulky ones you get from weight lifting.

Helps Align the Body

Pilate’s exercises help put the body and spine back in alignment. Spine compression is reduced and the lower back will feel better.  Pilate’s workout can lessen back pain.

Helps in Rehabilitation of Injuries

Pilates is helpful in situations where an individual suffers from certain injuries such as a herniated or degenerated disc.  A physical therapist can provide instructions on the use of Pilate’s workouts as a recovery tool.

Improve Flexibility

Pilates involves a lot of stretching while strengthening the muscles. Stretching the muscles increases flexibility.  Over time, your range of motion will increase.

Flexibility and strength combine to help your body move more easily and with less effort.

Improve Blood Circulation

The sequence of movements in a Pilate’s workout stimulates and improves the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

There are different exercises for every muscle in the body, including the muscles in the fingers and toes.

Low Impact

Although it is a form of resistance exercise, Pilates is a no-impact workout. Many of the Pilates exercises are performed while lying down.

This makes it ideal for those recovering from injury or illness.  Pilate’s exercises can also be modified for pregnant women.

Increases Energy Levels

A Pilate’s workout leaves you feeling more energetic. It gets your circulation moving and makes you feel good as you exercise your whole body.

The breathing technique in Pilates helps improve the delivery of oxygen to different parts of the body.

Promotes Weight Loss

Regular Pilate’s workouts will create long, strong muscles for a leaner look. Exercise helps you loss weight and improves your muscle tone.

Increases Body Awareness

In a Pilate’s workout, each movement is done with total concentration. This promotes the complete coordination of the body and mind so you can get the best possible benefit from your exercise.