My Bikini Belly Review

My Bikini Belly Review

My Bikini Belly Introduction:

Looking positive in a bikini is usually a vision which numerous women desire. The reality of the situation would be that it does not have to be a fantasy. It is easy to convert it into a certainty once you learn what you should do.

Shawna Kaminski does… and she developed a program and named it “My Bikini Belly.” Although it is not one of the most creative names, this might be one of the very few weight loss programs that ultimately enable a woman to condition her physique in a manner that can make it look amazing in a bikini.

This product is aimed at middle aged women and Shawna’s Twenty five years of know-how within the fitness industry has provided her with the ability to help women that feel that they are beyond their prime, back into shape.

Shawna has got her very own fitness studio in Calgary, Alberta where she assists women older than Thirty-five to get fit. Her official website,, demonstrates that she is one fit lady and certainly understands exactly what she is talking about. As a result the complete My Bikini Belly program is very highly regarded.

She recognizes that many women tend to be very busy and extremely limited on time. Therefore, her workouts are not time intensive or extremely exhausting. The main focus is on the troublesome areas such as your belly, cellulite, butt, etc. and also on correcting any hormonal issues.

Simply by focusing on and giving far more attention to the areas which matter, many women will reduce excess weight more quickly and more effortlessly since a lot less effort is required and no time is wasted.

My Bikini Belly simultaneously shows women ways to deactivate their “menopause genes” in an effort to burn off fat, improve your metabolism and decrease the aging process. These are very pertinent problems that a lot of women experience.



The Positive Points:

1) The workout routines are generally very simple, effective and do not involve very much time. This is really important since most women tend to be balancing careers, children, a family life, etc. Shawna’s exercises are structured to make sure that anything you do is actually benefitting you.

2) This is far more than only a diet program. It’s made up of a special workout routine together with precise goals.

The “Bikini Belly Flush” workout is developed to turn off your menopause molecules resulting in your body turning into a fat burning machine. Expect full-body workout routines here which will increase your metabolism, enhance blood circulation and awaken your anti-aging hormones.

The “Bikini Belly Burn” workout routine is going to firm up your abdominal muscles and the “Bikini Belly Blast” workout is much like a HIIT workout. You will be in fat burning mode for hours once the short workout is complete. This is powerful stuff.

3) Substantially emphasis is placed on deactivating the menopause genes in order that the body can begin burning off the excess pounds. This will likely enhance your levels of energy simply by activating your anti-aging hormones. You do not see these methods in standard slimming courses.

4) Definitely one helpful technique which Shawna discloses is the “Belly Bloat Routine.” Scores of women frequently complain that they feel bloated. This particular routine is going to put an end to this. This is wonderful information right here and it is well worth the cost of the complete program.

5) My Bikini Belly is an online download. You will receive it immediately following payment. Which means you can begin the course Right away and see results very quickly.

6) My Bikini Belly is supported by a 100% money-back guarantee. There’s absolutely no risk involved in buying the product.

The Negative Points:

1) The complete program happens to be in digital format. You will have to have a computer along with an internet connection to access the product.

2) This is a 21-day program which must be followed so that you see results. Whilst Twenty-one days isn’t a long period of time, it still involves dedication and discipline. This isn’t a magic pill. Nevertheless, if you work it, it truly does work.

Losing weight is certainly a sure thing if you follow the Bikini Belly program to the letter. Therefore, go for it.


The actual name, “My Bikini Belly” demonstrates that this is a course specifically made for women. That’s extremely important when it involves weight loss due to the fact women experience challenges which men do not have in regards to reducing your weight.

The thighs, butt, belly and arms tend to be troublesome areas for lots of women… however men typically do not have problems with fat in many of these places. The hormonal challenges are also something which men do not have to endure.

Simply by concentrating exclusively on a woman’s requirements, this product becomes most definitely valuable and effective for just about any woman looking to get into shape. She receives the specific tools and information that she will need to shed unwanted weight.

Absolutely no guess work is required. If you are a lady who wishes to get slim and look fantastic in a bikini, this product will work wonders for you.

You will save your time and simply do precisely what is important. You do not have to be developing large shoulders and training with heavy weights to appear fit and svelte. You require exercise routines along with a program which helps women shed unwanted weight. You will need the “Bikini Belly”.

It is well worth owning.