The Truth About Weight Training for Women

The Truth About Weight Training for Women

It’s not often that you find women pumping iron at the gym.  That’s because there are many myths and misconceptions about weight training for women that refuse to go away.

This is unfortunate because strength training offers many benefits for women’s health.  This article will reveal the truth about weight training for women.

Weight Training for Women – What It Does

Tone Your Body

Moderate weight training will boost a woman’s strength by up to 50%.  You will get a toned, firm body without bulking up.  Strength training will make it easier for you to accomplish many of your daily tasks, such as lifting groceries or little children.

Build Muscles and Boost Your Metabolism

Weight training adds muscles and this will increase your body metabolism.  Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat does, thus helping you to lose extra weight faster.

Build Stronger Bones

Women are especially prone to osteoporosis and unless you do weight training exercises your bone density will slowly decrease.

Studies show that weight training in women can increase the mineral density of the spine bone by 13% in 6 months.  Women who want to prevent osteoporosis should perform strength training exercises.

Fight or Prevent Diseases

Women and men can develop diabetes as they grow older.  Research shows that weight training can improve glucose utilization and help prevent adult-onset diabetes.  Strength training also improves cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Together with cardiovascular exercise, weight training for women can fight heart disease.  Strengthening the lower back muscles with exercise also eliminates or reduces lower-back pain.

Weight training for women can also ease arthritis and joint pains.

Strengthen Your Mental Health

Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body.  Women who work out regularly feel more confident and are happier than those who do not exercise.

Weight Training for Women – What It Does Not Do

Spot Reduction

Spot reduction is a myth.  You cannot lose fat from a single, targeted area but from all over your body.  However, you may notice that the areas where fat first appears are also the areas where you lose fat more slowly.

Make You Bulky and Masculine

Training with weights will not make women gain huge amounts of muscle mass.  Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for increasing muscle size in men.

Unless you take anabolic steroids and other drugs and spend hours at the gym, you will not build enough muscle mass to develop a masculine profile.

Women who perform regular weight training exercises will simply look well-toned, firm and fit.

Allow You to Eat Anything You Like

Weight training, or any other form of exercise, is not a ticket to non-stop eating.  Some people may be blessed with a metabolism that allows them to eat whatever they like but the rest of us must take care not to consume more calories than we can burn.

Things to Think About

There are many misconceptions about weight training for women that gives it a bad name.  The truth is that women can only benefit from strength training.

Experts recommend combining weight training with cardiovascular exercise to get the best health and fitness benefits.