Top 5 DVD Workout Videos:  Best Fitness DVDs for Women

Top 5 DVD Workout Videos: Best Fitness DVDs for Women

If you think aerobics classes are too expensive you may find that fitness DVDs for women offer a convenient and affordable option. Exercise DVDs designed for women provide a wide range of fitness options, from Pilates to yoga to dance workouts.

There’s no doubt that you will find a workout video to help you get in shape. You can always add variety to your workout as there are so many different types of fitness DVDs out there.

Doing the same exercise routines can become boring, and women like a little spice and variety in their lives. Women who work out at home can find exercise DVDs for all forms of exercise including stretching, strength training, and aerobics.

When choosing fitness DVDs, women should look for a blend of strength training, cardio, toning and stretching. All-around workout videos provide the best results in terms of weight loss and muscle gain. There are dozens of fitness DVDs for women available on the market.

Listed below are some of the best and most popular workout videos:

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

If you are looking for an excellent cardio exercise workout routine, think about engaging in Zumba at home with this particular DVD set. It contains five different workout DVDs created for various experience levels.

Using the Super Cardio Dance Party, it is possible to burn off up to one thousand calories, whilst the other DVDs also assist you with burning fat as well as calories at a quick pace. Zumba uses dance movements as well as high-intensity workout routines.


Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

This is a best-selling product on The Amazon marketplace for a very good reason. Jillian Michael has assembled a few of her very best workout routines inside the 30 Day Shred workout DVD set.

This consists of three levels which you are required to follow to experience the greatest results. Aim to follow along with her routine precisely, complete the actual workout routines as much as you possibly can, and also take her nutrition suggestions to heart.

The level one DVD goes over the fundamental movements and also coaches you on the best way to perform them to ensure you are mastering them gradually over time, even if you’re just starting out.


Focus T25 by Shaun T

This is actually a completely new training program from Shaun T, a well-known Beachbody workout provider. This new DVD system demands merely twenty-five minutes per day. You will get nine DVDs with this program that features eleven workout routines all 25-minutes in length.

Additionally there is a Fast Track Guide enclosed together with a few alternative strategies for keeping yourself on target. Although this is among the more costly programs, it does include the most workouts.


Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

If you’re searching for a great way to achieve six pack abs in your home, then the Hip Hop Abs Workout DVD from Beachbody is a superb option. You’ll be able to avoid performing a hundred ab crunches every day by trying this amazing DVD set.

It includes three DVDs including a total of ten workout routines. The DVDs do not simply work the abdominal muscles, but also your whole entire body. Additionally there is a workout calendar designed for thirty days, measuring cards, measuring tape, along with a nutrition guidebook.


10,000 Steps Weight Loss Walk On

To get a lower intensive workout DVD, think about carrying out the Walk On, which enables you to get into your own 10,000 steps per day simply with the workout DVD. There are various kinds of workout routines on the one DVD.